Angelo Mathews timed out following a controversial appeal

Rabia Riaz

Angelo Mathews timed out following a controversial appeal

In an unexpected turn of events, Angelo Mathews a Sri Lankan cricketer made history in international cricket to be timed out during a match. This incident happened during the match of the current ICC World Cup 2023. Match was happening between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in Delhi.

Per ICC rules, the next batsman in line must be ready to play within two minutes of the previous wicket falling. Unluckily, when Mathews was ready to play his first delivery, his helmet strap broke. He was waiting for his new helmet and the match led to a pause. During this pause, Bangladesh captain Shakib-ul-Hassan took advantage of this two-minute rule and filed an appeal to the umpires.

This surprising demand led to an upset argument among Mathews, Shakib, and the umpires. But the result favored Bangladesh, and Mathews was eventually timed out. This decision led Sri Lanka to lose their 5th crucial wicket.

This incident shocked cricket fans and netizens, with some social media users expressing concerns about sportsmanship in Shakib-ul-Hassan.

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