BCCI under fire for allegedly switching pitches for World Cup semi-final

Rabia Riaz

BCCI under fire for allegedly switching pitches for World Cup semi-final

In a recent turn of events, the BCCI is facing allegations. They break ICC rules by changing pitches for India’s World Cup semi-final with New Zealand in Mumbai. The changings of the pitches aim to favor India’s spinners during the semi-final important match.

As per the reports from Daily Mail Sport, if India wins the semi-final and goes ahead for the final in Ahmedabad, they might alter the pitches again.

The governing body’s consultant, Andy Atkinson, who oversees pitch preparation for ICC matches, typically agrees on pitch selection previously. However, they broke this agreement for the semi-final. Atkinson suggested the use of pitch No. 5 for the final, which has only seen one use. So, he recommended reusing pitch No. 6, which has been utilized on two occasions.

Another allegation suggests that they altered the pitch used for the Pakistan against India group-stage match.

“It has transpired that while the tournament’s inaugural match, between England and New Zealand, had taken place on the pre-decided pitch no. 6. None of the next three matches confirmed to the schedule, with Atkinson claiming in an email to his bosses that the changes had been made ‘without proper notice or forewarning”.

The BCCI attributed the alterations in the pitch to the Gujarat Cricket Association, but the GCA shifted the blame to the BCCI. Atkinson expressed concern about apparent partiality in pitch preparation. “Will it [the pitch] be selected or prepared without favoritism for either of the sides competing in the match in the usual manner, and unquestionably because it is the usual pitch for the occasion?”

In response, the BCCI stated that the pitch consultant works on selected pitch allocations with hosts and venues across the tournaments.

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