Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

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Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore previously known as Lahore Stadium, is situated in Lahore which is the Capital City of Punjab. Lahore is also the home ground of team Lahore Qalanders. It has 27,000 spectators capacity and holds up the position of 4th largest Stadium in Pakistan. This stadium, one of the oldest stadiums in Pakistan, is owned by PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board). Since PCB has its central officials here, so it is considered the National Home for Pakistani Cricket. It was the first stadium in Pakistan in which floodlights were positioned to hold day/night matches. This stadium is, no doubt, an iconic venue to hold both domestic and international matches.

Overview of Gaddafi Stadium Lahore


This stadium was built in 1959. In 1974, the name of the stadium was changed from Lahore Stadium to Qaddafi Stadium. The stadium was named in honor of Muammar Gaddafi, a former Libyan leader. He spoke in favor of Pakistan to pursue nuclear rights, at the Organization of Islamic Conference.


Initially, the layout of this stadium has been devised by Naserddin Murat-Khan, who was Russian-born Pakistani; a renowned architect and civil engineer by profession. Nasreddin Murat Khan testosterone gel online was also behind the construction of the national treasure of Pakistan; Minar-e-Pakistan. This development was further directed by Mian Abdul Khaliq.

In 1995-1996, the stadium was reconstructed by Nayyar Ali Dada, from NCA(National College of Arts), for the world cup in 1996. It is reinvented with concrete frameworks, red bricks, and arches, a combination of the latest attributes and traditional Pakistan artistic motifs which make it stand out.

Ground of Gadaffi Stadium Lahore


Although the stadium has undergone various renovations, the largest renovation was for World Cup 1996. 

During renovations, concrete benches have been replaced by plastic chairs. A base portion is also configured into boutiques and shops to alleviate people.

Due to the restructuring of the stadium, spectator capacity gets scaled down from 65,250 to 27,000 only.

Essential information

Old NameLahore Stadium
Known as Gaddafi Stadium
Designed byNaserddin Murat Khan
Named afterMuammar Gaddafi
Old capacity65,250
Capacity27000 spectators
Time ZoneUTC+5:00
End NamesPavilion End, College End
CoordinatesLatitude:31.5080, Longitude: 74.333
OwnerPCB(Pakistan Cricket Board)
Home TownLahore Qalanders
Varying SpellingsGaddafi, Qazaffi
Phone number(042) 35717231
Beautiful Weather at Gaddafi Stadium

Pitch Report

The pitch of this stadium is both batting-bowling friendly. In only one T-20 international match, 200 runs have been scored. This pitch could fluctuate according to the game played.


The stadium is circular with a diameter of 260 meters. 

Boundary Length

The stadium’s boundary length is approximately 75-80 meters. 


The floodlights were implemented at this stadium in upholding the World Cup of 1987 and 1996.

Stands and Enclosures

There are 12 enclosures in this stadium. All enclosures are colored differently and named distinctively. These enclosures are named after renowned Pakistani cricketers. Names of these enclosures are given below

  • Waqar Hassan Enclosure
  • Zaheer Abbas Enclosure
  • Iqbal Qasim Enclosure
  • Imran Khan Enclosure
  • Wasim Bari Enclosure
  • Nasim-ul-Ghani Enclosure
  • Wasim Bari Enclosure
  • Majid Khan Enclosure
  • Fazal Mehmood Enclosure
  • Hanif Mohammad Enclosure
  • Brothers Enclosure
  • Intikhab Alam Enclosure


This stadium in Lahore is located at Hafeez Kardar Road, Block E2 Guldberg III, Lahore Pakistan. It is within walking distance from Main Ferozpur Road.

The premium site of the stadium offers convenience to both local and traveling fans.

Seating at Gaddafi Stadium

First Matches

  • First Test Match

The first Test match was in 1959, on November 21. It was Pakistan V/s Australia, in which Australia won by 7 wickets with a score of 480 runs.

  • First ODI Match

The first ODI match was held in 1978, January 13 at this stadium between England and Pakistan. Pakistan got the victory by 36 runs score.

  • First T-20 Match

It was on May 22, 2015. It was played between Zimbabwe and Pakistan. This match has been won by Pakistan by 5 wickets with a 417-run score.

  • First PSL match

It was on March 5, 2017.


Total Test41
Matches settle for batting first4
Matches settle for bowling first15
Average1st innings score322
Average 2nd innings score339
Average 3rd innings score245
Average 4rth innings score152
Total highest record699 (5 out)
Total lowest record73 (10 out)


Total matches69
Matches settle for batting first34
Matches settle for bowling first33
Average 1st innings score251
Average 2nd innings score215
Total highest record375 (3 out)
Total lowest record75 (10 out)
Highest score chased349 (4 out)
Lowest score defended170 (8 out)

T-20 Stats

Total matches27
Matches settle for batting first16
Matches settle for bowling first11
Average 1st innings score162
Average 2nd innings score144
Total highest record209(3 out)
Total lowest record94(10 out)
Highest score chased176(8 out)
Lowest score defended126(7 out)
Gaddafi Stadium Lahore

PSL and Gaddafi Stadium:

Along with domestic and international matches, PSL matches also occurred at this venue.

The first match was the final for PSL on March 5, for the 2017 edition.

It is also going to host PSL matches in 2024 for the 9th edition.

Lahore Qalanders is the home team of PSL.

Total matches40
Batting Team won25 matches
Chasing Team won13 matches
Total Runs12580
Balls delivered8886
Average Run-Score314.40
Boundaries Count1635
No. of Sixes494
No. of Fours1141
No. of wickets70

Terrorist Attack on Sri Lankan Team 2009:

Back in 2009, on 19 May, a Sri Lankan team has been attacked by terrorists near a roundabout at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. As a result, eight team members were injured including their caption Mahela Jayawardene. They were airlifted from Qadafi by Pakistan Military and vacated back to Sri Lanka.

After this incident, unfortunately, international cricket standstill in Pakistan for a long time.

Return of International Cricket:

In 2015, after the terrible security challenges, international cricket reappeared in Pakistan, when the Zimbabwe team has come to Allama Iqbal International Airport on 19 May. Team Zimbabwe was the first team to Pakistan since the attack. At the airport, they were received by Pakistan Army under stringent security.

In 2017, a team from Sri Lanka also came to Pakistan.

After that, gradually things started getting better, and many new opportunities unfold regarding international cricket. Moreover, PCB took action to ensure the safety and security of players.


The stadium has modern facilities for both players and the audience. Dressing rooms, media, and corporate boxes are also present to accommodate people in every possible way.

Asia Cup 2023 Schedule at Gaddafi Stadium:

3-September-2023Bangladesh v/s Afghanistan14:00,8:30 GMT4rth ODI match
5-September-2023Afghanistan v/s Sri Lanka14:00, 8:30 GMT6th ODI match
6-September-2023TBC v/s TBC14:00, 8:30 GMT1st Super Four Match

Memorable Moments

With its immense history highlights and being a National and International venue for cricket, it has witnessed many memorable moments. Let us spotlight those unforgettable moments below:

  • At this stadium, the 1996 World Cup was held and almost 60,000 audience were there to relish the moment’s unmatchable vibe.
  • 20,000 audience is standard for any match at this stadium.
  • In 2019, PCB selected it as a venue for hosting matches of the Quaid-e-Azam trophy 2018-2019.
  • In 2020, it was the venue of 14 matches including PSL.
  • Apart from wide cricket history, many events including concerts and cultural gatherings also took place at the stadium.
  • In 1976, first three hat-tricks were scored on 9 October by New Zealand player Peter Petherick against Pakistan.
  • In 1999, on 6 March second hat-trick was scored by Pakistan’s pride Wasim Akram against Sri Lanka.
  • The third hat-trick was also scored against Sri Lanka by Muhammad Sami.
  • This ground has also witnessed a fifth wicket stand against New Zealand by Asif Iqbal and Javed Miandad with 281 score in 1976.
  • In 2002, 324 runs scored against New Zealand at this venue for victory.

Contributions to the economy:

Being an ideal venue for domestic and international cricket, this stadium has played a vital role in efficiently upholding Pakistan’s economy. It just not only promotes tourism and hospitality but is also a source of local businesses and job creation. These are the things that are noticeable but the most important point is that it also amplifies local pride and plays a substantial role in appealing the image of Pakistan across the world.

What is pitch length of Gaddafi Stadium Lahore?

Pitch Length is approximately 70-80 meters.

What is capacity of Gaddafi Stadium Lahore?

It has 27000 spectator capacity.

When was the first match at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore?

It has its first Test Match in 1959, November 21.

How many Enclosures are at Gaddafi Stadium?

12 enclosures are colored differently and named uniquely after famous cricketers of Pakistan.

What is the old name of Gaddafi Stadium?

It was previously named Lahore Stadium.

Where is Gaddafi Stadium located?

This stadium in Lahore is located at Hafeez Kardar Road, Block E2 Guldberg III, Lahore Pakistan.

How many PSL matches were held at Gaddafi Stadium?

A total of 40 matches were played.

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