Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala

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Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium Dharamsala

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala, one of the most picturesque stadiums in the world, is located in Kangra, India. It is also abbreviated as HPCA Stadium. The snow-capped backdrop of mountains against the lush green field provides a panoramic view. This stadium is operated under HPCA and is utilized for practice by the Indian Cricket Team, King XI Punjab, and the HP state-level team.

Moreover, it provides an unobstructed view of the ordinance, as there is no fence in front of the seating area. Dharamsala is well known worldwide because Dalai Lema resides there.



Anurag Thakur started the journey to build Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala. The government selected the place for the stadium. However, at that time, it had a 300-foot slope.

Additionally, authorities had a meager amount of 40 lac, so it was not an easy task to construct such a marvelous piece on this land. However, after two years of continuous what is npp efforts, the government provided the allowance, and construction started in 2002. Finally, stadium construction was completed in September 2003.


It is just a 30-minute journey from the airport to the stadium. It is located at Civil Lines Road, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.


Let’s take a look at the bare bones of this beautiful stadium.

Abbreviation HPCA
Established in 2003
Opened in 1960
Construction cost ₹60 crore
Location Dharamshala, Kangra, India
Capacity 23,000
Time Zone UTC+5:30
End Names River End, College End
Floodlights Yes
Pitch Bowling friendly
Coordinates 32.197 N, 76.32 E
Boundary length 70 yards on all sides
Owned by Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association
Occupant Indian cricket team, Punjab Kings, HP cricket team
Operated by Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association(HPCA)
Home Teams Himachal Pradesh


The Installation of a modern drainage system is the main feature of this renovation, making it the second stadium with this type of facility in India. It consists of the sub-air system; water is sucked off the wet ground, permitting the field to dry rapidly. Thus, a wet outfield does not cause any delay in the play.

This renovation was done to host IPL matches at this ground in 2023.



In 2009, the capacity of the stadium was increased to 23000 seats, and floodlights were also added to the stadium. Other facilities, for example, media boxes, hotel rooms, and a gym were also included.

Architecture and Enclosures

The HPCA stadium’s architecture, modeled after Tibetan–style structures, is its most appealing feature. Outfield has ryegrass because it is difficult to survive for common grass in harsh weather conditions. Ryegrass can survive even 10 degrees Celsius, facilitating much easier maintenance during the cold weather or winters.

Moreover, it is situated at 1457 meters altitude, making it one of the highest stadiums in the world. People sometimes find it more breathtaking than the Adelaide Oval or Newlands cricket stadium in South Africa because it is among the most alluring stadiums in the world. Vibrant color paints have been used in this stadium, representing the rich culture of this place. The Dhauladhar range provides scenic views to the people.

In addition, small-sized stands and open architecture aid the beauty of the stadium. The stands have slopping roofs top, traditional Himachal architecture, to lessen the effect of the landscape. This structure helps fast bowlers as the wind continues to sweep across and helps swing the ball.


Regarding enclosures, various seating options are available. The VIP pavilion provides a rich view of the surroundings. It is glass-enclosed and has the latest amenities. Below are the details of stands in Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala.

North location:

 It has 5 stands. North one upper and lower, North two upper, North two lower, and North VIP.

East location:

East stand 1, 2, 3, and corporate box.

South location:

VVIP area and Club lounge.

West location:

General stand, northwest stand, and corporate box.

Pitch Report

Unlike other cricket stadiums in India, the HPCA stadium pitch is bowling-friendly.

Pitch Report

Thus, this surface favors seamers in thwarting the opponents. Wind flow and Rydberg grass assist the swing. After winning the toss, every team wants to bat first on this pitch and put a total score of 180+. Teams find it difficult to chase down on this surface; however, two T-20 matches indicate the teams chasing the total have a better record here.

Boundary Length:

The ground has a 63-meter boundary length on the on and off sides, while the front and back side has a boundary of around 68 meters.

Stadium Dimensions:

Except for the short square boundary, the overall boundary size is 70 meters.

Weather Report

Thunderstorms often hit Dharamsala and the temperature range varies from 15 to 29 degrees Celsius. As a result, rain does spoil the matches over here.

Stats and Records

Stats – Test:

Total matches played 4
Avg. First inns run300
Avg. second inns run 332
Avg. third inns run137
Avg. fourth inns run 106
Bowling first victories1
Lowest total scored 137/10 ( AUS vs IND)
Highest total scored 332/10 (IND vs AUS)

Stats – ODI:

Total matches played6
Average first inns total214
Highest total chased 227/3 (ENG vs IND)
Lowest total defended330/6 (IND vs WI)
Batting first victories 1
Bowling first victories 3
Highest runs scored330/6 (IND vs WI)
Lowest runs scored 112/10 (IND vs SL)
Average second inns total201

Stats T-20:

Total matches played11
First inns total 137
Second inns total 128
Highest total chased200/3 ( SA vs IND)
Lowest total defended 59/5 (NED vs IRE)
Batting first victories 4
Bowling first victories 6
Highest runs scored200/3
  • Steve Smith is the only player to score a century at this venue.
  • Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are the only Indian players to smash a century in ODI and T-20 at this stadium respectively. The former scored 127 runs off 114 balls against WI while later smashed 106 runs off 66 balls against South Africa. 

First International Match


The first T-20 was held between India and South Africa on 2nd October 2015.


The first ODI was held between hosts and England on 27 January 2013. Visitors won massively by 7 wickets.


India won the first test on this pitch by 8 wickets. It was played between hosts and Aussie from 25-29 March 2017.

Franchise Cricket

This place serves as a home ground to Punjab Kings (IPL Franchise). Himachal is located just next to Punjab so it is home to the Punjab Kings Cricket team.

World Cup 2023 Fixtures

This ground will host five matches in the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023.

3rd MatchAFG vs BAN October 7, 202310:00 AM
7th MatchBAN vs ENG October 10, 2023 10:00 AM
15th MatchNER vs. RSAOctober 17, 20231:30 PM
21st MatchIND vs NZOctober 22, 2023 1:30 PM
28th MatchAUS vs NZOctober 28, 202310:00 AM

Why is Dharamsala Stadium famous?

In India, this is the first stadium where the outfield has been surrounded by Ryegrass.

What is the entry fee for Dharamsala Cricket Stadium?

The ticket price of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala, is just Rs. 30 per person.

Is Dharamsala Cricket Stadium the highest in the world?

Yes, it is the highest cricket stadium worldwide.

What is the size of HPCA cricket stadium?

The area of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium is spread over 16 acres.

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