Kingsmead Cricket Ground, Durban

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Kingsmead Cricket Ground Durban

Kingsmead Cricket Ground is located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Due to sponsorship, the cricket stadium is now known as “Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium Cricket Ground”. The Hollywoodbets Dolphins, Durban Heat, Durban Super Giants, and the South Africa Cricket Team call the stadium home. The stadium has enriched cricket history because it has hosted many thrilling T20Is, ODIs, and Test matches. Moreover, Situated a stone’s throw away from the Indian Ocean, the cricket ground is famous for the tide effect. Part of the viewing area consists of grassy terracing. However, Sahara, the IT industry, operates the ground and is sometimes called “Sahara Stadium Kingsmead ”. The stadium consists of two ends, namely Umgeni End and Old Fort End. Beaches surround the cricket stadium making it the picturesque stadium in the country.

Kingsmead Stadium

Official Name

In October 2019, the Hollywoodbets acquired the naming rights deal of the stadium. The South African cricket betting operator, Hollywoodbets, has assumed the naming ownership. They have named the ground “Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium Cricket Ground ”. Hollywoodbets has become a major sponsor for the past four seasons in Durban.


The stadium is tucked away in sultry Durban, just a short distance from the sea coast. Several notable events have taken place at the ground, including Protease innings and a 129-run win against Australia in 1970. In addition, Graeme Pontock and B. Richards smashed Australia for 274 and 140 runs respectively. In this field, South Africa has had success and failure. In 2003, India and Kenya played the World Cup semi-final at the Durban Cricket Stadium.


It is located at 2 Kingsmead Way, Stamford Hill, Durban, 4000, South Africa.


The basic details about the stadium are mentioned below:

Established in1896
Opened in1923
Operated bySahara
Construction Cost$ 75 Million
LocationDurban, South Africa
Time ZoneUTC +2:00
End NamesUmgeni End, Old Fort End
Coordinates29″S, 31″E
Boundary Length100 Meter
Owned byHollywoodbets
OccupantHollywoodbets Dolphins, Durban Heat, Durban’s Super Giants
Home TeamsKwaZulu-Natal, Natal, South Africa Cricket Team
Other NamesSahara Stadium; Kingsmead


The Kingsmead Ground is renovated under “Project Kingsmead”. Firstly, the brand new Hollywoodbets Food Court behind the East Grandstand was introduced at the first stage. Secondly, along with this face-lift, the Castle Corner side food court also saw a major refurbishment. Thirdly, the authorities have refurbished the umpire’s area, locker facilities, and player’s dining area. Lastly, the pitches of the ground are also renovated. They have added two more pitches to the main square.

Moreover, The storage rooms and rubbish areas have also been moved. The authorities have also built extra nets and relayed the center pitches. Additionally, several other renovations are scheduled for the year. The refurbishment is done to celebrate cricket and to make Hollywoodbets Kingsmead a good location for test cricket.

Architecture and Enclosures

The stadium has a fusion structure. The architect is a blend of the classic red bricks and concrete features. Additionally, the main pavilion combines the glass facade with practicality, thus providing an optimal view. The stadium has sleek contemporary stands in the North and South Stands. The stadium has a rich history that blends well with modern amenities. Moreover, the layout of the stadium enhances the natural beauty of the surrounding beaches. The enclosures are made to accommodate different choices.

Kingsmead's Architecture

Furthermore, the premier enclosure is a hub of prime seating and access to amenities. The East and West enclosures offer general seating arrangements and access to general concessions. The grass embarkment provides an open-air and more relaxed experience. The design of Kingsmead Cricket Ground facilitates and accommodates all different preferences.


The seating capacity of the stadium increased from 12000 seats to 25000 seats. People can bring chairs if they have a ticket for the grass area- deck. One chair per ticket is allowed. However, it is not the same for normal grass areas. Moreover, you can not bring an umbrella in both cases.

Umengi End (North)

The north end of the stadium is well-equipped and has modern infrastructure. Spacious seating areas and shaded seating arrangements are the highlights of this area. Moreover, various food and beverage outlets are available here, and high-quality restroom facilities make it convenient for visitors.

Old Fort Road End (South)

The south end of the stadium consists of well-maintained stands. Furthermore, the structure is a combination of modern and classic elements, which can evoke nostalgia because red brick accents and timeless design are a testament to the rich heritage of the sports in Durban. A unique blend of functionality and aesthetics are the main highlights of this area.

Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Enclosure

In addition, although this end may not be famous for its infrastructure, it serves its purpose well, providing a no-frills atmosphere that helps fans to focus on the game. The end has VIP seating and suites available for the staff and players. The seating consists of four stories over here. Commentary box and media house are also part of the same end. One can have an unhindered view of the pitch from the commentary box.

Boundary Fencing

For security purposes, the cricket surface is surrounded by a fence that also keeps the surface of the ground in good condition.

Pitch Report

The Kingsmead Cricket Stadium pitch favors the bowlers and provides a significant advantage in T-20 matches. Although the Newlands Cricket Ground pitch provides an edge to bowlers, the reason is moisture here. The team batting first won 15 times, and bowling first won 11 times. The ground is near the ocean, and previous batting collapses were attributed to the tides effect.

Kingsmead Stadium Pitch

Lastly, after winning the toss, every side opts to bowl first at this venue because the pitch has moisture in it, which assists the seamers by providing movement to the ball.

Boundary Length

The shortest square perimeter of the ground is 60 meters. The straight perimeter of the stadium is 90 meters.

Stadium Dimensions

The exact measurements from the pitch center to the boundary rope are 90 meters, albeit they vary from game to game.

Weather Report

The climate in Durban is rainy, with temperatures ranging from 13 to 26 degrees Celsius. The humidity level is about 77%. From October to April, the Kingsmead Ground experienced 8 days of precipitation.

Kingsmead Cricket. Stadium's Weather

Upcoming Fixtures

India tour of South Africa

1st T20IRSA vs IND16:00 GMT

SA20 Matches

The matches scheduled at Durban Cricket Ground are given below:

2ndDSG vs MICT15:30 GMT
7thDSG vs JSK15:30 GMT
12thDSG vs SEC1:30 GMT
22ndDSG vs PR13:30 GMT
24thDSG vs PC15:30 GMT

Stats and Records

Stats – Test

Total matches played46
Average second inns run298
Average third inns run260
Average fourth inns run258
Average fourth inns runs197
Bowling first victories13
Lowest total scored53/10 by RSA vs WI
Highest total scored658/10 by BAN vs RSA


Total matches played51
Average first inns total233
Average first inns’ total186
Highest total chased372/6
Lowest total defended200/9
Batting first victories25
Bowling first victories19
Highest runs scored372/6 by RSA vs AUS
Lowest runs scored91/10 by IND vs RSA

Stats T-20

Total matches played22
First inns total146
Second inns total131
Highest total chased158/7 (SA)
Lowest total defended125/6 (SA)
Batting first victories11
Bowling first victories9
Highest runs scored218/4 (IND)


Which country is Kingsmead in?

The ground is situateded in Durban, South Africa.

Is Kingsmead batting or bowling pitch?

The pitch has moisture in it, so it favours the bowlers and provides them with extra movement.

Which team has made Kingsmead Stadium their home stadium?

The stadium is the home ground of Hollywoodbets Dolphins.

Which stadium is known as Cricket Mecca?

Lords Cricket Ground, located in London, is famous as the Mecca of Cricket. It is one of the oldest stadiums.

What is Kingsmead?

It is a cricket stadium situated in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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