M. Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru

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M. Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru

M Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium is a five decades old stadium in Bangalore which was initially called Karnataka Stadium and it was named after former BCCI president (1977-1980) M Chinnaswamy. The foundation of this stadium was laid in 1969 and the construction of the building started in 1970. It is the first solar-powered stadium in the world.

With a seating capacity of 40,000, it is one of the biggest stadiums in India. It hosted its first international match between India and West Indies in 1974-75. The stadium is operated by the Karnataka State Cricket Association. It is the home ground of IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. This stadium is located at Mahatma Gandhi Road, Shivaji Nagar, near Cubbon Road, Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka, India.

Basic Details

Foundation LaidMay 1969
Home Country India
Area of the Stadium18-acres approximately
Time ZoneUTC+05:30
Stadium Coordinates12.9788˚N, 77.5997˚E
Names of EndsBEML End, Pavilion End
Availability of FloodlightsYes
No. of Floodlights04
First Ever International MatchNovember 1974
Last International MatchJune 2022
Pitch TypeBatting Friendly
CuratorNarayan Raju
Playing Area73 square yards
Media Enclosure Capacity150 people
Media Conference Hall Capacity100 people

Boundary Length

The stadium has a total area of approximately 18 acres. This stadium is one of those stadiums that has the smallest boundaries in the cricket world which is 60 meters, and is considered a high-scoring venue in limited-overs matches.

Due to these short boundaries, this ground is considered a paradise for the batters. Even the top edges and poorly executed shots can award the batting side a boundary.


Front and Back Boundary Distance60 meters
Sideways Boundary Distance54 meters
Pitch Length20.12 meters (22 yards)


Chinnaswamy Stadium has a modern design with a quirky seating pattern allowing the spectators to have best watching experience during the match. Two of its stands have red terracotta roofs and present an iconic look. It has grand Pavilions, giant sight screens, fully equipped media boxes and a well-designed entrance

Architecture of M. Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru

Pitch Report

Test Matches

If we talk about the pitch prepared for test matches, it is considered quite flat at the start of the match as the bounce is true and the ball reaches the bat without much swing or seam movement.

Pitch Report of the Test Matches

Batters can score quickly and comfortably for nearly the first 2 days of the match. As the match enters its third day, deterioration starts in the pitch and it offers a lot more assistance to good spin bowlers. The average test scores of each inning at this stadium are given in the following table.

Average Test Score

Average First Innings Score354
Average Second Innings Score304
Average Third Innings Score206
Average Fourth Innings Score174

ODI Matches

The pitch prepared for one-day internationals is always flat and favors the batting. It has good bounce and the ball reaches the batter nicely. Spectators enjoy good stroke play from the batters.

Pitch Report of ODI Matches

The short boundaries and quick outfield of the ground reduce the errors for the bowling side. As the bowl becomes old, the good spin bowlers tend to extract some assistance from the pitch and can cause trouble to batters with variations in the speed and length of the ball. The average one-day international score in each inning of the match at this venue is given in the following table.

Average ODI Score

Average First Innings Score232
Average Second Innings Score215

T20 Internationals

Short boundaries and a pretty flat pitch are batting friendly and provide good entertainment to the viewers. The outfield of this ground in limited overs is very fast and batters usually enjoy batting on this wicket. Most of the times, the team winning the toss prefers to chase. Average T20 scores in each innings are given in the following table.

Average T20I Score

Average First Innings Score135
Average Second Innings Score130

Matches Summary


The summary of all the test matches played at this venue is given below

Total Matches Played25
Matches Won by Batting First10
Matches Won While Chasing05
Total Draws10
Highest Total626/10 in 150.2 Overs by India vs Pakistan
Lowest Total103/10 in 38.4 Overs by Afghanistan vs India
First Ever MatchNovember 1974 between India and the West Indies
Last Match PlayedMarch 2022 between India and Sri Lanka


The summary of all the ODI matches played at this venue is given below

Total Matches Played38
Matches Won by Batting First14
Matches Won While Chasing20
No Result04
Highest Total383/6 in 50.0 Overs by India vs Australia
Lowest Total114/10 in 38.5 Overs by India Women vs South Africa Women
First Ever MatchSep. 26, 1982, between India and Sri Lanka
Last Match PlayedJan. 19, 2020 between India and Australia
Highest Total Chased329/7 in 49.1 Overs by Ireland vs England
Lowest Total Defended166/4 in 22 Overs by India vs England


The summary of all the T20I matches played at this venue is given below

Total Matches Played16
Matches Won by Batting First06
Matches Won While Chasing09
No Result01
Highest Total202/6 in 20.0 Overs by India vs England
Lowest Total99/10 in 19.3 Overs by South African Women vs New Zealand Women
First Ever MatchDec. 25, 2012 Pakistan vs India
Last Match PlayedJune 19, 2022 South Africa vs India
Highest Total Chased194/3 in 19.4 Overs by Australia vs India
Lowest Total Defended114/7 in 20.0 Overs by Sri Lankan Women vs South African Women


Chinnaswamy serves as the home ground to the Royal Challengers Bangalore and its match record is given in the below table.

Total Matches Played90
Matches Won by Batting First37
Matches Won While Chasing47
No Result06
Highest Total263/5 in 20.0 Overs by RCB vs PW
Lowest Total82/10 in 15.1 Overs by RCB vs PW
First Ever IPL MatchApril 18, 2008, between RCB and KKR
Last IPL MatchMay 21, 2023, between RCB and GT
Highest Total Chased184/3 in 19.2 Overs by DC vs RCB

World Cups Matches:

India has hosted or co-hosted three world cups to date and Chinnaswamy hosted matches in all three. It organized one match each in the 1987 and 1996 World Cups.

World Cups Matches at M. Chinnaswami Stadium Bengaluru

The famous quarter-final match between India and Pakistan was played on this ground in the 1996 World Cup. A total of five matches were played here during the 2011 World Cup. In the upcoming World Cup of 2023, five more matches have been scheduled to take place on this ground.

Miss World Competition 1996:

The Miss World competition of 1996 was organized in this stadium. This was the first beauty pageant competition ever held in India. Greek candidate Irene Skliva won this event.

Pitch Issues:

The pitch was rated as “below average” by the ICC after the second test between Sri Lanka and India in March 2022. A total of sixteen wickets were claimed on the very first day of this test match.

Pitch Issues of M. Chinnaswamy Stadium bengaluru

This pitch had a lot of spin available and it was not considered as an even contest between ball and bat. 24 out of 39 wickets were claimed by spinners and the match concluded within three days. Subsequently, the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium received a demerit point due to the below-average rating.

 Highlights of the Stadium:

  • West Indian Icons Vivian Richards and Gordon Greenidge debuted in the first test match played on this ground.
  • Australian legend Michael Clarke scored a century here on his test debut.
  • Inzamam ul Haq scored a century in his 100th test match at this venue.
  • Chris Gayle scored 175 in 66 balls at this ground while playing for RCB against Pune Warriors. This is the highest individual score in T20 cricket to date.
  • National Cricket Academy (NCA) has been accommodated inside Chinnaswamy Stadium since 2000.
  • Chinnaswamy is the earliest adopter of solar-powered electricity stadium. It produces roughly 4 lacs kilowatts of electricity every year.
  • This stadium has a vacuum powered water drainage system to substantially reduce the drainage time after rain interruption.
  • Highest IPL partnership of 229 runs was formed between Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers at this stadium.

When M. Chinnaaswamy Stadium Bengaluru was inaugurated?

It was inaugurated in May 1969.

What is the seating capacity of M. Chinnaaswamy Stadium Bengaluru?

The seating capacity of this stadium is 40,000.

Where is M. Chinnaaswamy Stadium situated?

It is situated at Mahatma Gandhi Road, Shivaji Nagar, near Cubbon Road, Bangaluru in the state of Karnataka, India.

What is the pitch length of M. Chinnaaswamy Stadium?

Its pitch length is 20.12 meters.

What is the highest score on the M. Chinnaaswamy Stadium?

626/9 is the highest score for a test match.

When was the first T20I match held at M. Chinnaaswamy Stadium?

The first T20I match was held on 25-12-2012.

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