Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

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Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the eleventh-largest cricket stadium in the world and the second-largest in terms of 100,024 spectators capacity. It is one of the famous cricket grounds and many biggest cricket events are held on this ground. This ground is owned and operated by the Melbourne Cricket Club. It is locally known as “The Ground”, abbreviated as ‘G’.

Melbourne Cricket Ground


The MCG is located in East Melbourne, Yarra Park, Victoria Australia. It is the largest cricket venue in Australia. It is tracked down a short distance from the city center so people can easily access it. It is only the ground located within the city worldwide.

Playing Area Detail

The playing area is 172.9m x 147.8m wide and the surface is grassy which is suitable for cricket. The pitch is 22 yards and the straight boundary from the pitch is 83.43 whereas the square boundary is 86.23. The MCG boundary is the longest cricket boundary in the world.

Early History

Five men Frederick Powlett, Robert Russell, George B, Smyth, and brothers Alfred and Charles Munday decided to form a cricket club in 1838. It was founded on November 15, 1838. The MCG was forced by the Australian government to move from its former site. The reason was that this location was between the route of Australia’s first steam train. After that in 1853, this ground was rebuilt. This place was chosen after playing many matches around this area. The MCB was built on the site of Wurundjeri Camping Ground and many Corroborees. After this, the MCG fixed the breathtaking history. Cricket is the most-liked game for the Australian nation, in other words, it is a sports-mad nation. The MCG total area was 20.6 hectares or 206,000 square meters.

Early History Melbourne cricket ground


The Melbourne Ground is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. The MCG structure was designed by HOK which is a global design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm. There are three founding partners of HOK and HOK is the abbreviation of their names (George F. Hellmuth, Gyo Obata, and George Kassabaum). The MCG was built 170 years ago and in this period, it has undergone many renovations.

Early History of Cricket

The first cricket match at Melbourne Cricket Stadium was played in 1854. The first international test cricket match was played between Australia and England on September 30, 1877. It was the first-ever international event hosted at this venue. 

First Cricket Match:

The very first test cricket match was held in 1877 which brought a change in the history of cricket and due to this it is called the birthplace of test matches. The first one-day international was held in 1971.

Others Event


Since 1858 the MCG has been the home of Australian football.

Olympic Games

The 1856 Olympic Games event was held at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium. The opening and closing ceremonies along with the final of hockey and soccer were also held at MCG stadium.

Rugby League

Rugby League was played for the first time at Melbourne Cricket Stadium on August 15, 1914. The League was played between South Wales and England. England won this league by 21-15.


Victoria’s first game of tennis was hosted by Melbourne Cricket Stadium in 1878. In 1889, the MCC arranged the Albert Cricket Ground (Warehousemen’s Cricket Ground) for tennis matches.


Australia’s first bicycle race, in 1869, was held at MCG. A crowd of 30,000 came to see this race and the total amount of prize was $400.

World War II

During World War II, the government used MCG for military training. It remained in possession from 1942-1948 under various forces in order, including the United State Army Forces (RAAF), the Royal Australian Army Force, the United States Marine Corps and again RAAF.


The MCG has undergone several renovations to improve its capabilities and improve its structure to increase the capacity of the sitting area. The opening of MCG took place about 170 years ago in 1853. Before the 1990s, it had a seating capacity of 125,000, but later it was reduced to 97,000 after further development and individual access validation. Now there are about 95,024 seats. About A$ 150 million was spent on its renovation in 1992 and A$ 400 million in 2005.

Renovations of Melbourne Cricket Ground

Pitch Detail

The pitch at Melbourne Cricket Stadium is favorable for both batting and bowling, known as traditionally batting bowling-friendly. There is an amazing balance between the bat and the ball. The surface of MCG is a mix of both synthetic turf and natural grass.


MCG is one of the biggest grounds in the world for sports. Additionally, many great events have been held here. The ground has the card of having the tallest towers and after a joint venture between the MCC and in December 1984, Cricket Victoria the construction of the towers was completed. The reconstruction of the MCG has included the addition of roof lights and a barbecue deck between the new elements. 

In 2005, the MCG was added to Australia’s National Heritage list. Greg Baum, a journalist, 2003, said that Melbourne’s a symbol to the world and named it a shrine, landmark, tower, and totem. It is as important as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris as the Statue of Liberty is to New York and the Opera House is to Sydney.

Facts of Melbourne Cricket Ground

International Matches Information

First TestMarch 15-19, 1877Australia v/s England
Last TestDecember 26-29, 2022Australia v/s South Africa
First ODIJanuary 5, 1971Australia v/s England
Last ODINovember 22, 2022Australia v/s England
First T20IFebruary 1, 2008Australia v/s India
Last T20INovember 13, 2022England v/s Pakistan
First Women’s TestJanuary 18-20, 1935Australia v/s England
Last Women’s TestJanuary 28-31, 1949Australia v/s England
First WODIDecember 18, 1988Australia v/s England
Last WODIJanuary 23, 2014Australia v/s England
First WT20IFebruary 1, 2008Australia v/s England
Last T20IMarch 8, 2020Australia v/s India

Attendance Record

No.Match typeTeamsDateAttendance Percentage
1Cricket World Cup 2015 Final (ODI)Australia v/s New ZealandMarch 29, 201593,01392.99%
2TestAustralia v/s EnglandDecember 26, 201391,11291.09%
3TestAustralia v/s West IndiesFebruary 11, 196190,80090.77%
4Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 (super12)Pakistan v/s IndiaOctober 23, 202290,29390.27%
5TestAustralia v/s EnglandDecember 26, 200689,15589.13%
6TestAustralia v/s EnglandDecember 26, 201788,17288.15%
7TestAustralia v/s EnglandJanuary 4, 193787,78987.76%
8Cricket World Cup 1992 Final (ODI)England v/s Pakistan March 25, 199287,18287.16%
9Cricket World Cup 2015 (Group Match)India v/s South AfricaFebruary 22, 201586,87686.85%
10ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 (Final)Australia v/s IndiaMarch 8, 202086,17486.15%


Many concerts were also held on this ground which made history. Many hit concerts break the attendance record.

  • David Cassidy’s concert was the first rock concert held on this ground in 1974.
  • In 1978, a concert was held by David Bowie.
  • Paul McCartney, U2 and Madonna concerts set a record attendance of 147,241 during three concerts in 1993.
  • The Rolling Stones held a concert at MCG in 1995.
  • Michael Jackson, a celebrity, held a concert there in 1996.
  • Three Tenors in 1997, Elton John and Billy Joel in 1998 and two concerts of Guns N’Roses on February 14, 2017, and December 3, 2022, were held on this ground.
  • ‘The Killers’ concert on September 30, 2017, was held by MCG. 
  • An Eminem concert was held there on February 24, 2019, and 80,708 tickets were sold out of this concert.
  • The state memorial service for Shane Warne was held in MCG on March 30, 2022.
  • On October 6, 2018, WWE Super Showdown held a concert there. 
  • Billy Joel concert hosted by MCG on December 10, 2022.
  • The MCG hosted two Ed Sheeran concerts on March 2 and 3, 2023 and three Tylor Swift concerts on February 16,17 and 18, 2023. Ed Sheeran’s first concert attendance was 108,000 and his second was 109,500.
Concerts on Melbourne Cricket Ground

Highest Score (Batting) on the MCG

No.NameYearScoreType of matchCountryAgainst
1.Charles Bannerman1877165 not outFirst test centurionAustraliaEngland
2.Bob Cowper1966307Test MatchAustraliaEngland
3.Alastair Cook2017244 not outTest MatchEnglandAustralia

Highest Wickets taker on MCG

1.DK Lillee82638.8Australia1972-1983
2.SK Warne56523.0Australia1992-2006
3.H Trumble46284.4Australia1894-1904
4.GD McKenzie45296.2Australia1962-1968
5.GD McGrath42439.2Australia1995-2006
6.CJ McDermott41390.5Australia1984-1995
7.NM Lyon41413.0Australia2011-2022
8.MA Noble39220.4Australia1898-1908
9.BA Reid35190.4Australia1985-1991
10.SF Barnes35287.1England1902-1912

MCG Sporting Statues

Statues of players who made history in Australian sports have been erected outside the MCG. These statues tell how they were consistent with their game. 

Sporting Statues of Melbourne Cricket Ground

PlayerUnveiled DateLocation
Kevin BartlettMarch 2017Near Jolimont Station
Norm SmithSeptember 2012Near Jelement Station
John ColemanSeptember 2013Outside Gate 2
Jim StynesSeptember 2014Outside Gate 2
Shane WarneDecember 2011Outside Gate 2
Neil HarveyJanuary 2014Near Jolimont Station
Don Bradman December 2005Outside Gate 1
Ron BarassiSeptember 2003Outside Gate 5
Dennis LilleeDecember 2006Outside Gate 1
Haydn Bunton SrApril 2005Outside Gate 6
Betty Cuthbert (The Golden Girl)August 2003Outside Gate 3
Dick ReynoldsJune 2004Outside Gate 6
Shirley StricklandNovember 2004Outside Gate 3
Leigh MatthewsAugust 2005Outside Gate 4
Keith Ross MillerFebruary 2004Outside Gate 5

Which is the second largest cricket stadium in the world?

Melbourne Cricket Ground which is locally known as “The ‘G” is the second-largest cricket stadium with 100,024 spectators capacity.

Who designed the Melbourne Cricket Ground?

HOK which is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm designed the structure of MCG.

What type of ground is Melbourne cricket?

The Melbourne cricket ground type is grassy and the area is 172.9m x 147.8m wide.

How old is Melbourne Cricket Ground?

The MCG is 170 years old, constructed in 1853.

Is Melbourne Cricket Ground indoor or outdoor?

MCG is the only indoor cricket ground in the world. It is a walking distance from the city center.

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