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Perth Stadium, also known as Optus Stadium, is a multi-functional stadium in Australia. With a seating capacity of 61,266, it is Australia’s third-largest stadium. This monumental venue is located on the outskirts of Burswood, Perth, which is largest city and capital of Western Australia. Not only for cricket, but this stadium also used to hold football matches and entertainment events as well. According to statistics, this stadium was built with $1.6 billion. The stadium is operated by the government of Western Australia. Mike Mckenna is the CEO of Optus Stadium. It is the 19th venue in Australia to hold one-day international and the 4th venue for day/night matches. This stadium won the World Prix Versailles Award in 2019 in the category of sports. It is also the World’s Architecture and Design Award.

Before getting into details of this stadium, let us first report some basic information.

Basic Information

Full namePerth Stadium
Currently known asOptus Stadium
Established in2017
Inaugurated21, January 2018
First MatchODI, 28 January 2018
Capacity61,266 spectators
Owner/CEOMike Mckenna
Operated byGovernment of Western Australia
Situated InWestern Australia
Construction Cost (approx.)$1.6 billion
End NamesSouth: Langer Stand End, Cricket North: Member’s End, Cricket East: Train Station End, AFL West: River End, AFL 
Shape Rectangle
Surface TypeStabilized natural turf
Time ZoneUTC/GMT+8 hours
Coordinates31.9512° S, 115.8890° E
Home-teamWest Coast Eagles, Perth Scorchers, Fremantle Football Club
Beautiful view at Optus Stadium


Optus Stadium is also known for its immense history. The idea to build a stadium was proposed by the government of Western Australia in 2003. The government initially took an analysis to scrutinize the future of sports venues in Western Australia. A tactical team has been appointed to carry out the inspections. This task unit was led by the Chief Executive of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, John Langoulant. The appointed team proclaimed in May 2007 that a new stadium should be built, with a seating capacity of 60,000 spectators capacity. According to the report, the stadium should built either at Kitchener Park or East Perth. East Perth was preferred because it would be appropriate for Australian Cricket, Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, and soccer. They recommend that the Subiaco Oval which borders Kitchener Park, should be demolished and a new stadium should be built.
Then, in July 2017, the government announced that the construction of a new stadium at Burswood and Subiaco Oval would be demolished. Perth stadium was built before its higher significance due to local site transports and enhancement of transport infrastructure.


Perth Stadium was built in such a way that its seating capacity could be updated to 70,000 spectators capacity. The magnificent venue’s architecture was designed by HKS, Hassell, and Cox. Earlier, seating capacity was hoped to be increased to 80,000. But still, with the current capacity, it is the third-largest stadium in the country after Accor Stadium and Melbourne Cricket Stadium. The stadium, rectangular in shape, holds high regard for ethnic and autochthonous customs. The bowl-shaped area of the stadium not only enhanced the audience’s view but gave a distinction. It has a canvas roof that provides shelter for 80 percent of the seating, which halts the pitch inclinedly.
Place at the bank of Swan River, the breeze flows across the stadium from the sea, which is relief from the heat in summer. Five-layered structure covered with a bronze exterior made up of Aluminium changed the whole vibe of the stadium at night with an LED lighting system.

Lights at Perth Stadium


This stadium has five levels. Each level is 42m high. In the building process, 21 Olympic-sized swimming pool of concrete has been employed. Each single pile has reached an impressive depth of 35 meters with unwavering precision. To bring together the tapestry of expertise and innovation, 100 contracts crafted by Multiplex.

Identity Rights

The names such as “River Stadium” and “ Swan Stadium” were found to be appropriate but then “Perth Stadium” was considered more relevant and representative of Western Australia.

Then, on 8 November 2018, the new McGowan government decided to name this stadium “Optus Stadium”, which is the second largest telecommunication company in Australia. The state government agreed to 10-year naming privileges perceived as worth $50 million. On an international level, it is known as Perth Stadium due to Australia’s legal commitments. 


Perth Stadium is located at 333 Victoria Park Dr, Burswood WA, Australia.

You can approach the venue primarily through public transport. Perth Stadium Railway Station and Perth Stadium bus stop highly accommodate people to travel during event days.

Optus Stadium Australia


Optus Stadium is among the good options for venues that offer hospitality and world-class facilities. This multi-purpose stadium provides a wide range of facilities given below:

TV Screens

The TV screens are placed on either side of the stadium each has 1000 TV screens fitted in it. The two screens assembled have a size of 340 m


Security attributes have also been included at the stadium. It has metal detectors at the entrance, 650 CCTV cameras, an encompassing area, and an onsite police station.

Food and Beverages

Additionally, this stadium has also assisted its audience with almost 50 beverage hubs. The community-owned and governed company provided 75 percent of the food supply.

  • Inventive Locker Area 
  • Coaches Alliance
  • Elevated Landscapes
  • VIP Sky Suites
  • Elite Lounges
  • 2000 people Conference Hall
  • Retail Shops
  • Beverage Options

Pitch Report

The pitch at this stadium is batting-friendly. The stadium has a balanced and flat pitch. It offers a good bounce that favors batters and they enjoy playing. This pitch is made up of clay that causes bounce. It gradually dries and becomes hard when exposed to sunlight. The surface is made up of stabilized synthetic turf. The score of the average first inning is 167 runs which depicts that batters regulate their shots effortlessly.

Rectangle shape of Perth Stadium


As far as the dimensions of the stadium are concerned, midwicket boundaries are 80 meters whereas straight boundaries are about 75 meters. On the North-South axis, it is 130m and 165m along the Eat-West axis.

First Match


 This stadium held its first ODI on 28, January 2018 between England and Australia.

Test Match

 This stadium held its first Test Match on 14-18 December 2018 between India and Australia.


 This stadium held its first T20 on 8, November 2019 between Pakistan and Australia.



Total Matches3
Matches won batting3
Average 1st innings446
Average 2nd innings244
Average 3rd innings214
Average 4th innings214
Lowest Score140/10 AUS v/s IND
Highest Score598/4 AUS v/s WI
Tie 0


Total Matches2
Matches won bowling1
Matches won batting1
Average 1st innings178
Average 2nd innings177
Lowest Score152/10 AUS v/s RSA
Highest Score259/10 AUS v/s ENG
Total Runs811
Balls delivered981
Strike Rate82.6
Runs average per match405.50
Boundaries Count83
No. of sixes13
No. of fours70
Lowest defended score259/10 AUS v/s ENG
Highest chased score185/6 AUSW v/s NZW


Total Matches7
Matches won bowling5
Matches won batting2
Average 1st innings133
Average 2nd innings134
Lowest Score112/10 ENG v/s AFG
Highest Score208/6 AUS v/s ENG
Total Runs1875
Balls delivered1558
Strike Rate120.3
Runs average per match267.85
Boundaries Count211
No. of sixes54
No. of fours157


Total Matches33
Matches won bowling16
Matches won batting17
Lowest Score79
Highest Score213
Total Runs10232
Balls delivered7504
Strike Rate136.3
Runs average per match310.06
Boundaries Count1224
No. of sixes366
No. of fours858

Other Sports

Cricket is not just a game, it has an overall aura, that associates people seamlessly. In Australia, cricket is undoubtedly a weighty concern. Not to forget, Cricket is a national game of Australia. Football in Australia is also significant, but most men lean towards cricket and tennis. Details of some other games are given below:

Rugby League

  • The NRL season of 2018 was held at this Stadium in front of 38,428 spectators.
  • In 2019, the State of Origin Series was also held here between Queensland and New South Wales. 59,721 audience enjoyed this game.
  • In April 2022, this ground was selected as a venue for the second match of the State of Origin Series.
  • In August 2023, it was revealed that the State of Origin Series in 2025 and 2028 will also be hosted by Optus Stadium.


  • A casual match at this stadium was held in July 2023 between Chelsea and Perth Glory.
  • On 19 May 2019, the A-League Grand Final was also held at this stadium.
  • In July 2022, ICON-Perth’s Festival of International Football took place and English Premium League clubs including Aston Villa, Manchester United, Leeds United, and Crystal Palace came to participate.
  • A casual pre-season game was also held here on 18 July 2023 for Premium League Club West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur. 

Ruby Union

  • The Bledisole Cup Series was played at this ground in 2019 between New Zealand and Australia on 10 August.
  • In July 2022, the first match at this stadium was played hosted by Wallabies.
Overall view at Perth Stadium

Entertainment Events

Perth Stadium is also profound in hosting concerts and other entertainment events. Some of them are given below:

  • In 2018, Both Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran enacted concerts here.
  • On 22 April 2018, Nitro Circus performed at this venue.
  • On 27 February 2019, Eminem hosted a concert here.
  • Moreover, in 2019, an Irish rock band from Dublin, U2 performed here as an element of the Joshua Tree tour.
  • Post Melone and Red Hot Chilli Peppers also performed on 12 January 2019.
  • In March 2023, Ed Sheeran also performed here.

Upcoming Events

Some of the events that will be held at Perth are given below:

  • On 19 November 2023, Coldplay will perform here included in the Music of the Spheres World Tour.
  • Pink will also perform here on 1,2 March 2024 as a part of their Summer Carnival Tour.

What is another name of Perth Stadium?

It is currently known as Optus Stadium.

What is the seating capacity of Optus Stadium?

This stadium has a 61,266-spectator capacity.

When was Perth Stadium established?

It was established in 2017 and officially inaugurated in January 2018.

Who is the operator of Perth Stadium?

The government of Western Australia is the operator.

When was the first match at Perth Stadium?

The first match at this stadium was an ODI on 28 January 2018 between England and Australia.

What is the highest record at Optus Stadium?

The highest record is 259/10 ENG v/s AUS (47.7 Over).

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