Sydney Cricket Ground

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Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney cricket ground is a stadium in New South Wales, Australia, in Moore Park on the outskirts of Sydney, and is used for one-day international, twenty-20, and test cricket matches. This cricket ground is referred to be a good batting wicket. It has a capacity of almost 48,000 people. Despite cricket, sports like Australian Rules football, rugby union, rugby league, and association football are also occasionally played there. It is one of the world’s most famous cricketing venues. Its current curator is Tom Parker.

Primary information

Old nameGarrison Ground
Current nameSydney Cricket Ground
Home townNew South Wales cricket team
Operated byVenues NSW
End namePaddington, and Renwick End
Time zoneUTC + 11:00
Coordinates 33°53′30″S 151°13′29
AddressSuite 208-1M, Building 208, The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park, NSW 2021
First match17 February 1882


This cricket ground was established in 1848, so it is a 175-year-old stadium. Up to the World War1 period, this ground was used for the sports like athletics, baseball, cycling, tennis, and football. In 1920, the cycling track was removed from the ground. This ground was named Garrison Ground 1880 because of its use for military training before cricket matches. In 1894 it was named Sydney cricket ground.

Since 1882, SCG has served as the home ground for the teams like Sydney Sixers, The Sydney Swans, the Australian football league, and the New South Wales cricket team.

Memorable moments

In the 2000 Summer Olympics and for the 1938 British Empire games, SCG also served as the main stadium.

In 1948 it also witnessed the historic moments of “Don’s Final Innings” This ground has hosted 105 test matches.

In memorable events, Sir Donald Bradman has 452 runs against Queensland. In 2012 against India, Glenn McGrath and Shane Warn played 300 runs along M. Clark.

This ground also witnessed the first and last match of the great bowler Shane Warne, who took 1000 international wickets.

Memorable moments of SCG

Operated by

Venues NSW (New South Wales) is the owner and operates this stadium. It is an agency established on 2/03/2012 by the government of New South Wales, Australia.


Sydney ground is a beloved item of Australia’s cultural heritage, and SCG’s Members Stand has listed on the National Heritage Register in 2009. Its design is a mixture of traditional and contemporary elements that make it more spectator. Seating areas, stands, pavilions, and various facilities are versatile and iconic. The member pavilion reflects the Victorian and Edwardian architectural look. It is an iconic venue of sporting history with over 150 years and world-class events.

The pitch dimensions are according to the standard measurements of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

It has undergone various architectural development. In the 1860s, this ground experienced its first significant modification with Pavilion and stands. The notable Pavilion is the Members Pavilion named Members Stand, established in 1878 and rebuilt in 1886. In 1978 6 light towers were built to make this able to play cricket at night.

The Father of Sir Don Bradman was one of the carpenters who worked on its framework during construction.

Architecture of Sydney Cricket Ground


Sydney’s ground playing area is 156 m long, 154 m wide, and 6000 square meters. It covers an area of 45000 square meters. Its playing field includes a flat cricket pitch made of grass, an outfield, and other spaces required for additional sports.


Australia lies in the southern hemisphere. The average temperature of the state is 11 degree Celsius in July and August, the coldest months of the year (June to August temperature is 15-18°C). The warmest month of the year is January, the temperature is 27 degree Celsius (December to February temperature is 25-30°C). March is the wettest, and July is the driest month.

First match

The first national match was played at the Sydney cricket stadium between New South Wales and Victoria on 17 December 1848. Its first international match was a test match played between Australia and England on 17 February 1882, won by England.

Notable events

In 1886 first women’s club match was played at Sydney Cricket Stadium.

In 1928-29, the first-class highest cricket innings was played by Don Bradman, with 452 runs.

First time during World’s Series Cricket, Night cricket was played on 28 November 1978 in SCG.

Shane Warns first test was played in 1992, and his final test was in 2007 on the same ground as Sydney cricket stadium.

In 2007 first Ashes Clean Sweep, and in 2014 second Ashes Clean Sweep took place.

In January 2012, the 100th test was played at this stadium.

On 25 November 2014 Phillip Hughes was hit by Sean Abbott’s Bouncer.

On 12 January 2019, Australia played its 1000th international cricket match.


This cricket ground has a seating capacity of almost 48,000-50,000 people. This capacity can be higher for concerts and non-sporting events due to the standing area on the field.

Attendance record

Crowd amountMatchTeamsDate
78056Rugby leagueSt. George v South Sydney1995
58446Test match (2nd day)AUS v ENG15/12/1928
51566Football matchNSW v Everton02/05/1964
49327Rugby unionNSW v New Zealand13/07/1907
46323Australian Rules footballSydney v Essendon09/09/2017
45191Concert 29/01/2005
39756Big Bash LeagueSydney Sixers v Sydney Thunder14/01/2017

Run friendly pitch

Sydney cricket stadium has nine permanent cricket pitches of Legend couch grass, over-seeded with ryegrass during winter.

Run friendly pitch


Members’ Pavilion; in 1878 it was constructed for SCG’s member seating and a housing dressing room which can be used by Australian and NSW cricket teams and visiting cricket teams.

Ladies’ Pavilion; in 1896, was constructed for female-only members’ seating.

Brewongle Stand; in 1980, was constructed and was named because of a tea room at the Sydney ground.

Pat Hills Stand; was constructed in 1984, and was then named Bill O’Reilly.

Clive Churchill Stand; was constructed in 1986.

Victor Trumper Stand; in 2007-2008 Yabba’s Hill and Doug Walters stand was replaced by this stand

M.A Noble, Bradman, and Dally Messenger Stand; was constructed in 2013-14. It contains one of the largest and biggest video screens in Australia.

Enclosures of Sydney Cricket Ground

Matches played other than cricket

SCG has hosted more games than any other ground located in Australia.

As early as 1870 at the Civil and Military Ground Club, rugby was played for the first time, and in the year 1882, the first inter-colonial game was played. From June 1911, the NWS rugby league gained exclusive use of this ground with Sydney sports ground and Sydney Showground.

It has hosted 1392 top-level rugby league games along with 70 test matches and world cup games. The rugby league was played for the first time on this cricket ground on 22 June 1911 between New Zealand and Australia. In 1913 New South Wales Rugby football league used this ground for the first time. 

In 1885 Victoria played New South Wales, the first inter-colonial tennis match at the ground of Sydney cricket stadium, and the first tournament in 1877. The 1908 SCG also hosts the Australian championship.

Australia’s first-ever motor race was on 1 January 1901 on the SCG track.

For the 1938 British Empire games, SCG was the main stadium.

On 6 August 1881, the first Australian Rules football was played on this ground between NSW and Victoria under the Australian rules.

In 1982 Victorian Football League moved into Sydney, played in SCG, and became the Sydney Swans.

Matches other than cricket


Test international stats

First match17/02/1882
Last match04/01/2023
Total matches played111
Won by home side matches60
Won by touring side matches28
Won Batting first47
Won Batting second41
Won after toss winning42
Won after toss losing46
Highest individual inningsBy M J Clarke (AUS) v IND are 329
Best bowling (innings)By G A Lohmann (ENG) v AUS is 8.35
Best bowling (match)By C T B Turner (AUS) v ENG is 27/87
Highest team innings705/7 by IND
Lowest team innings42 by AUS
Highest run chase288/2 by AUS
Average Runs (opening stand)34.72
Average Runs per wicket30.89
Average runs per over2.88
Average score batting first320

ODI international stats

First match13/01/1979
Last match19/11/2022
Total matches played160
Won by home side matches90
Won by touring side matches39
Won Batting first91
Won Batting second62
Won after toss winning82
Won after toss losing71
Highest individual inningsBy S P D Smith (AUS) v New Zealand are 164
Best bowling (innings)By G S Chappell (AUS) v IND is 5/15
Matches with no results7
Highest team innings408/5 (South Africa)
Lowest team innings63 (IND)
Highest run chase334/8 ENG
Average Runs per wicket28.02
Average runs per over4.64
Average score batting first225

T20 International records

First match09/01/2007
Last match09/11/2022
Total matches played18
Won by home side matches7
Won by touring side matches4
Won Batting first10
Won Batting second7
Won after toss winning8
Won after toss losing9
Highest individual inningsBy S R Watson (AUS) V IND is 124
Best bowlingBy A Nortje (South Africa) v Bangladesh is 4/10
Highest team inningsAUS v ENG are 221/5
Lowest team inningsBangladesh v South Africa is 101
Highest run chaseIND v AUS is 200/3
Average Runs per wicket25.13
Average runs per over8.19
Average score batting first168

Records other than cricket

Highest scoreSydney 36.20 v Essendon 11.7Sydney Won26 July 1987
Biggest gapSydney v West CoastSydney won by 171 points24 June 2023
Lowest scoreGreater Western Sydney 10.19 v Sydney 4.6Greater Western Sydney won8 September 2018

Most Upcoming event

MatchBetweenLocal timeDateDay
AFLSydney Swan v Melbourne3:20 PM27/08/2023Sunday

Upcoming cricket events

MatchBetweenDateDayLocal time
3rd Test (d1)AUS v PAK03/01/2024Wednesday10:30 AM
3rd Test (d2)AUS v PAK04/01/2024Thursday10:30 AM
3rd Test (d3)AUS v PAK05/01/2024Friday10:30 AM
3rd Test (d4)AUS v PAK06/01/2024Saturday10:30 AM
3rd Test (d5)AUS v PAK07/01/2024Sunday10:30 AM

Cricketers from Sydney

Sydney is home to many talented cricketers who have made significant contributions to the sport. A few of them are.

  • Steve Smith (AUS’s current best batsman and skipper)
  • Michael Clarke (one of the sharpest cricketers)
  • Mitchell Starc (AUS current bowler)
  • Donald Bradman (world’s greatest test batsman)
  • Mark Taylor (first cricketer to score 1000 test runs in his debut year)
  • Allan Border (captain of AUS in 1984)

What kind of eating kinds of stuff you can take with you?

You can take your non-alcoholic drinks and food in plastic containers into the stadium to enjoy the live match.

What is the lunchtime of Sydney Cricket Ground during Test matches?

The lunchtime during the test match of SCG is from 12:30 PM to 1:10 PM.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes, there is wheelchair access to the Pavilion Dining but not to Bistro 1886.

Are Bistro 1886 and the Pavilion open on no-match day?

No, they both remain close on the no-match day.

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