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The Oval Kennington England

The Oval Stadium also known as Kia Oval Stadium due to incentives of sponsorship, is an international cricket stadium situated in Kennington, South London, England. This iconic venue was established in 1845. It has a seating capacity of 27,500. The Oval boasts a rich history and has been the venue for numerous unforgettable occasions. In 1880, the first test match of England was hosted here. It is the headquarters of the Surrey Country Cricket Club (SCCC). The international venue has been operated by one of the royal Duchies of England, the Duchy of Cornwall. The Oval enjoys its legacy. contributions, iconic status, and immense popularity not only for cricket but also for its role as a host venue for various cultural and sporting events, making it a hub for the local community.

Kia Oval

Primary Information

Real NameThe Oval Stadium
Also Known asThe Kia Oval
The AMP Oval
The Brit Oval
The Foster’s Oval
OwnerDuchy of Cornwall, Charles III
Operated BySurrey Country Cricket Club (SCCC)
SituatedKennington, South London, England
Home GroundSurrey Country Cricket Club (SCCC)
Seating Capacity27,500
Boundary Length60-70m approx.
TenantsEngland rugby team
List Surrey (Present)
England cricket team (Present)
England football team
ArchitectureNicholas Reynolds
Coordinates51.4838° N, 0.1150° W
Time ZoneUTC +01:00
End NamesPavilion EndVauxhall End
First Match6 September 1880 England vs. Australia
IntermentsWillie Rushton
Official Website
Contact+44 20 3946 0100


Kennington Common was the earliest cricket venue in England where cricket matches were organized in the early 17th and 18th centuries along with public death penalties. The first match here was in 1724. The Oval was built in this place. In the 1740’s this venue was restricted and the Artillery Ground; now used for football and rugby league, was set as a cricket venue. but later The Oval was built in this place.

The Foster's oval

Kington Oval was a place that was owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. In 1844, they decided to leasehold this place to build a cricket ground. Moreover, in 1845, SCCC was established. After the completion of the ground, it caught people’s attention in absolutely no time, and SCCC also had rapid recognition. For the first game at The Oval in 1868, a foreign team from Australia comprised of Aboriginals came to England and almost 20,000 spectators were there at the venue to enjoy the game. The First Test Match was played in 1880, with England and Australia as rivals. This ground with immense history, is termed 2nd iconic venue to hold Test Matches after Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia (MCG). After Australia, South Africa West Indies New Zealand India Pakistan, and Bangladesh also came to England for Test Matches.


Most of the developments at this ground took place in the 20th century to modify the framework and to increase seating capacity. It has a modern infrastructure that makes it stand out as an iconic venue. 


The development started with dismantling old stands Jardine, Surrdige, Peter May, and Fender and replacing them with one stand having a cutting-edge structure. 

Besides, the name of this stand is in a state of flux because of sponsorship reasons. Firstly, it was backed by Outsourced Client Solutions International Facilities Management Services named OCS until 2020 but then later on due to a sponsorship agreement, it was named after JM Finn. To sum up, the formation of the stand was completed in May 2005 which increased the capacity to 23,000 spectators approximately. 

During match at The Oval

Afterward, in September 2015, an agenda was proposed again to construct a new stand named after a player of England Peter May. Two stands Tony Lock and Old Peter May. The construction was done in 2016 and inaugurated on 15 May with a seating capacity of 25,300 but adding 1,300 more seats. 

Tony Lock stand was destroyed and a new stand was built in its place following the plans made in 2019. It enhanced the capacity to the present number of seats. It is known as “One Oval Stand”. The club at the stadium was named after the previous stand Tony Lock.

Pavilion End

In 2007, further enhancement in the composition of the stadium was announced. It was decided that after razing the south stands named Peter May and Lock Laker would be superseded with a new stand increasing the capacity to 2,000. Furthermore, a hotel would be fabricated at the backing of a new stand. Unfortunately, this plan was delayed and cannot be proceeded. The current pavilion is the most recognizable feature of this stadium, making it an architectural landmark.

Day view at The Oval


The illuminators were installed in the ground in 2009 to hold day and night matches. Reflectors were also fabricated to control the direction and position of light so as not to affect umpires or players. These lights were only temporary which cost almost £ 3.7 million.

Audience at Kia Oval


Moving forward with the advancements, it was decided by the management of The Oval to build wings resulting in increasing the audience capacity to 23,500 and 24,500.


With each modification, the seating capacity of the stadium has increased by 27,500. In the future, there are chances for further improvements to accommodate the audience.

Main Building at The Oval

Pitch Report

The surface of this ground’s pitch provides both support for batters and bowlers. The dry surface offers extra bounce and consistency for batters while providing spin for bowlers. This spinning depends on weather conditions too.

Boundary Length

The boundary distance of any stadium is measured from its center pitch. On record, the length of this ground is 64m approximately. It is considered the largest ground in Great Britain at this age. This venue was also proposed as the largest Test cricket venue but later on outdid by a stadium in Pakistan, Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

The Kia Oval  England


It is situated in the Kennington area of England, not far from the river Thames. Following is the precise location of the stadium:

Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SS, UK

You can reach here through local transportation. National Rails, London Buses, and London Underground would facilitate you to reach your destination. 


Accordingly, along with time-honored records, this stadium has undergone numerous refurbishments and now is facilitated with outstanding benchmarks. 

Facilities at The Oval

Events and Conference

The Oval stadium being the home ground to SCCC provides world-class facilities. You can arrange your conference and events with utmost exactness and seamlessly coordinated. It is also referred to as one of the best venues by hosting more than 2000 events every single year.

Museum and Tours

The tours of SCCC are also proffered here. You can visit the Long Room, Pavilion, picturesque view of the from top of the stands, dressing room, trek to the pitch side, and will get much more to explore. Moreover, it also has a museum that showcases the history of cricket and the stadium. 

Museum at Kia Oval


You can also shop here for stuff related to clothing, books, bags, souvenirs, team kits, training wear, and headwear.


You can also find out the cafes and restaurants with a fine diversity. They provide fine dining with your premium moments.

Further, you can get a membership to visit The Oval Stadium and get your tickets beforehand for the game online as well.

The Kia Oval England

First Match

Following are the details of the first match at this landmark spot.

T2027 June 2007West Indies vs. England
ODI 7 Sep 1973West Indies vs. England
Test6 Sep 1880Australia vs. England


These are the indisputable records for all formats at this stadium.


Following are the stats:

Total Matches18
Won Bowling First7
Won Batting First10
Avg, 1st inn score153
Avg, 2nd inn score138
Total Lowest Record81/10 South Africa vs. Scotland
Total Highest Record211/5 South Africa vs. Scotland
Lowest Score Defended113/5 West Indies vs. England
Highest Score Chased173/5 West Indies vs. England


Following are the stats:

Total Matches76
Won Bowling First42
Won Batting First30
Avg, 1st inn score246
Avg, 2nd inn score216
Total Lowest Record103/10 South Africa vs. England
Total Highest Record398/5 England vs. New Zealand
Lowest Score Defended241/10 England vs. Pakistan
Highest Score Chased322/3 India vs. Sri Lanka


Following are the stats:

Total Matches107
Won Bowling First29
Won Batting First40
Avg, 1st inn score343
Avg, 2nd inn score304
Avg, 3rd inn score240
Avg, 4th inn score160
Total Lowest Record44/10 England vs. Australia
Total Highest Record903/7 England vs. Australia

Other Games

The Oval is a versatile stadium that hosts a wide range of sports events, including cricket. Over the years, it has hosted many exciting games, some of which are listed below:


International Hockey matches of the Women’s team England took place from the year 1939 to 1949.

The Oval Kennington


A baseball game exhibition was organized here in which the Prince of Wales also participated. That game was in 1889, on 12 March which was associated with a baseball tour of Albert Goodwill Spalding.


Certainly, this ground played a substantial role in the emergence of football in England. The first international match was held here between England and Scotland. Until 1889. The team of England continued to play at this ground.


This stadium holds a record of hosting one of the oldest Rugby Union Cup competitions. The Union Cup matches in the year 1872-79 were also organized here.

Other games at kennington Oval

Memorable Events

Following are some memorable events at The Oval Stadium:

  • In the year 1972. The first exhibition match of Australia Rules Football was held here. 
  • To raise funds, a concert in which the faces and those who participated were held here. Following the records. A total of 40,000 people attended that concert. In that particular concert, funds were raised for war-ravaged Bangladesh.
  • Tow more concerts which include Hawkwind, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Emerson, and Lake and Palmer.
  • Likewise, for the National Football League NFL, the Chicago Bears used it for practice.
  • This stadium also had the honor to hold the Cricket World Cups including 1975, 1979, and 11983 editions.
  • It is included in one of the five stadiums to host the Ashes Series; a competitive and prestigious test series between Australia and England.
  • It has witnessed many records including Don Bradman’s final Test innings in 1948, where he needed just four runs to maintain a Test average of 100 but was dismissed for a duck.


Overall, it is a revered and magnificent venue that not only shows the heritage and legacy of England but also has a storied past. It continued to be a cherished venue for cricket enthusiasts all over the world.

What is another name for The Oval?

It is also known as Kia Oval Kennington.

What is the seating capacity of The Kia Oval?

It has a seating capacity of 27,500 spectators.

Where is The Oval situated?

It is situated in the area of London, Kennington England.

What are the other sports played at Kia Oval?

Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Rugby.

When was The Oval established?

It was established in 1845.

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